Becoming Part Of Quinn – Own an Agency

• Are you stuck in a dead-end, unfulfilling job?
• Are you ready to unleash your inner entrepreneur?
• Are you a serial entrepreneur who wants to add a profitable business to your portfolio?
• Do you have available capital but don’t know where and how to invest it?
• Do you want to see your retirement fund grow beyond expectation?
• Do you want to be in control of your destiny, your future?
• Do you want financial freedom?

If you’re nodding your head as you read this, then look no further!

What Does Your Investment Entail?

This exceptional business model allows you to invest in a high-return, low-risk business. And you’ll become a seamless part of an integrated team with well-established resources and infrastructure.

National Footprint

Quinn Finance has rapidly expanded over the last few months and we currently have over 30 branches nationwide, all owned by driven individuals who seek the same financial freedom.

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Loans approved



R 16 688 242

Capital invested


What’s In Store For You When You Join Quinn Finance?

We’ll provide you with a Quinn ‘kit’ containing all the latest collection technology and other software needed to manage your business electronically – no painful paperwork or processes. You’ll join the Quinn Finance family, where the process is streamlined and ready to receive you.

This includes the following:
✓ State-of-the-art loan management software.
✓ Latest collection technology.
     ✓ Authenticated debit order facilities.
     ✓ SASSA debit order facilities.
     ✓ Non-authenticated debit order facilities.
✓ Point-of-sale facilities.
✓ Seamless integration with the Credit Bureau.
✓ Developed Corporate Identity.
✓ Experienced support and management staff.
✓ Established business processes and policies.
✓ Internal and external compliance monitoring.
✓ Management of all legal, compliance and regulatory aspects.
✓ Ongoing support and training.
✓ Continuous development and improvements in software, at no cost to the agent.

With our Quinn kit, we’ll have you set up and ready to trade in less than a month, providing you’ve supplied us with all the necessary personal and financial information.

  • Elaine Kotze
    First I just want to express my gratitude towards you for the tremendous big gift, opportunity you have given me!! I'm not very good at words to express how much I appreciate it, so I have attached a few quotes, hoping they do a better job explaining my gratitude! So I Quinn Boksburg started trading yesterday & I'm pleased to say that I received a couple of inquiries all ready, all just from FB posting...Yay... ;-) Thank you for having faith in me, a total stranger...WOW! I shall not disappoint you!!
    Elaine Kotze
  • Rodney Oliveira
    I would just like to say thank you to Lorraine for putting the time out to accommodate us with the training on Saturday. It was well presented and very professional. You guys went out of you way to assist us, even when we got lost. It is such a pleasure to know that there is professional people to assist. I would also like to express my thanks to Carletonville Branch for staying open and accommodating us for the training.
    Rodney Oliveira
  • Sheughnet Ashton
    Our experience with Quinn Finance Late last year we decide we wanted to start a family business and started researching franchises to join. We came across Quinn Finance on Facebook, and thought it looked too good to be true, like one of those after you pay you don’t hear from them again, but after researching the company and communicating with Roeloff Quinn himself for a few weeks we decided to go ahead and start our business. They have been so accommodating and patient with us through the whole process and go the extra mile to help with anything we need. We look forward to our future journey with them and are excited to be part of the Quinn Finance family. Sheughnet Quinn Finance East London
    Sheughnet Ashton
  • Anton Koen

    My experience with Quinn Finance: I saw the advert on Facebook about Quinn Finance having new franchise opportunities and was immediately interested when i googled it and saw what they were all about. But !!!! I don't believe easily, especially not things I see on the internet and Facebook. I had no intention on losing money on some scam. I spoke to the CEO, Roeloff Quinn, and was happy with what he told me. But I also recon that, being the CEO of the company, he will tell me what I want to hear. So, I could not go on his word alone. So without them knowing about it.... Read More

    Anton Koen

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