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With the world – and South Africa – in the grip of a global recession, the time was ripe for a bold new business model that would reinvent the way individuals lend and borrow. Backed by solid research, it was clear that there was a strong causal link between private sector credit offerings and increased economic activity. Simply put, bringing microfunding within reach of ordinary South Africans led to an exponential burst in economic productivity. In fact, it could be argued that without the robust growth in unsecured lending since the end of the 2008/2009 recession, the South African economy would have fared far worse than it did.

Quinn Finance came into being precisely to navigate that space in the market. And we’re driven by the desire to not only uplift and empower individuals in their daily lives, but to enhance and improve the economic well being of South Africa as a whole. A bold vision with a noble objective? That, simply put, is Quinn Finance.

Who is Quinn Finance

They say that nothing unlocks potential in a person like pressure – Quinn Finance was born when entrepreneur Roeloff Quinn most needed a change in his own life. And similarly, while the microloan market was rapidly on the rise, it was also ready for reinvention.

This fast growth industry had hitherto been viewed with cynicism and mistrust, as people had been badly burned by fly-by-night loan sharks who preyed on them when they were most vulnerable. Entrepreneur Roeloff Quinn wanted to change all that, re-introducing something long lost and highly prized: trust.

How do we do this?

By bringing back old-fashioned values and ethics, by cultivating compassion across the business model, by injecting a feel-good dose of empathy into the mix.

It was a counter-intuitive case of ‘in with the old’: old school values, old style intimacy, like in the old days when you knew the banker – and the baker – by name. ‘Micro’ was suddenly made meaningful, by putting the personal back into the process, the trust back into the transaction.

With Quinn Finance, we make sure you’re always welcome.

How is Quinn Different?

What sets Quinn Finance apart from the rest of the players in the field is a dedicated approach that never loses sight of the individual and their personal back story. People come to Quinn with their dreams – and their dashed hopes. It’s a very emotional space to be playing in, and rather than adopt an opportunistic, mercenary approach, we place ourselves firmly in the service of our many clients – enabling them to realise their dreams and revive their hopes. It’s that’s simple.

We believe that a little empathy – a warm, reassuring handshake, a welcoming mug of coffee – go a long way towards offsetting the sense of loss and isolation that people experience when facing financial difficulties.

With the increased globalisation and digitalisation of the world, that sense of loss and isolation has been compounded. There has been a profound lack of personal attention and understanding. And Quinn Finance understands this deficit. That’s why we’ve grown from humble beginnings – a single outlet to 4 highly successful and profitable branches across Gauteng and KZN, in less than 3 years.

And we’re still growing!

So, in line with our mandate to enhance the economic wellbeing of SA as a whole, we want to offer a franchise opportunity to like-minded individuals who are able to see the gap and seize the opportunity, to client-centric entrepreneurs who understand that the bottom line is always about people. The success of our business model calls for expansion, and so we’ve opened up the opportunity for others to thrive, just as we have.

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