My experience with Quinn Finance:

I saw the advert on Facebook about Quinn Finance having new franchise opportunities and was immediately interested when i googled it and saw what they were all about. But !!!! I don’t believe easily, especially not things I see on the internet and Facebook. I had no intention on losing money on some scam. I spoke to the CEO, Roeloff Quinn, and was happy with what he told me. But I also recon that, being the CEO of the company, he will tell me what I want to hear. So, I could not go on his word alone. So, without them knowing about it, I flew from Mossel Bay to Johannesburg. I went to some of the independent Quinn Finance franchises around Johannesburg, gathering information about their experiences with Quinn Finance. Everyone was full of praises and positive. I asked very indebt questions, having been in business myself for more than 18 years. I could not find any negativity. They all were very happy with the backup they received from Roeloff and his team.

I was more than happy with what I saw and experienced so I called Roeloff and told him that I was in Johannesburg and went to visit some of the independent franchises. He had no problem with that and arranged for us to meet. I told him I heard enough and was ready to buy the Mossel Bay franchise. I made the transfer and became the proud Franchise owner of Quinn Finance Mossel Bay.

I told Roeloff that i misjudged myself with a public holiday the next day and that i will have to wait the time out as my flight back was only the day after the public holiday. So he arrange that i get my training the next day. On the public holiday. I thought by myself WOW. This is a very good sign of someone who mean to do business. I don’t get impressed easily. I was opening the franchise in Mossel Bay went unbelievable smooth. After i came back I wanted to start straight away. It was just 2 weeks to the end of the month. And i wanted to start on the first of the next month. And I did. I received everything I needed and paid for on time.

After that I received all the back-up and more that I ever could have imagined. Business went much better than I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams. Roeloff and his team is unbelievably on top of everything. No problem is too big to handle.

Joining the Quinn Finance family is definitely one of the best choices I ever made in my life.

Anton Koen

Quinn Finance Mossel Bay

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